History and philosophy

Our history starts at 2011 when we begin to proportionate e-ticketing, ticketing solutions and cultural marketing services for businesses dedicated to events. We born with volunteer to give an innovative, efficient and leader service with the ticket sell with a recognized system that uses the last technology.

4tickets it was created for a professional experimented team in the world of events, ticketing and computer development to give a leader service, always adapted to the needs of client. To give we believe with a personal manner, where you will be the most important.

Quality and excellence: The technology that we use gives us the best optimal service to the client.

Personalized treatment: We think that the best way that the things goes well is give a personal manner. We have an extensive agent team to resolute and accompany at all hours your operative and business necessities.

At 4tickets we want win all, for this reason we based in a win win philosophy:

– We offer adjust and competitive prices with a powerful platform that give accept all kinds of events, without matter capacity

Without initial inversion for licenses, no maintenance no update of platform

– The client decides the cost that wants give to costs of buyer agent, and always can get back the ticketing cost.

Who trust in us

These are some of our clients to help to adopt like one of the businesses reference at ticketing sector.


Selling at all channels at same time, are risk to sell tickets two times?

No, because all sell channels use the same online data base to know the availability.

In wich period I have available a report with my sells?

Since the moment that the tickets are for sell you can access to our web application everywhere and you have access to your sell reports.

I like to divide my capacity in different zones, its possible?

Our potent tool for create capacity can permit you to create distributions of seats whatever your configuration. From small theater hall to  big stadium. Our capacities have an unlimited number of zones to adapt perfectly to your needs.

We can open or close immediately the sale channels, without the need to call 4Tickets?

We are in charge of to install the necessary software and do a basic training because yourself can, in any moment, open or close the channels would you desire.

We need special communications lines to access to server?

No, only a computer with Internet connection: ADSL, satellite, 3G, 4G…

We can lose date if broke the computer of the ticket office?

No, all data are save at our server and it download at our computers that you need it.

How many users can i have?

You can have all users do you need, with its correspondent permissions.

How long will it take to open the sell of a new event?

The programming of a new event is faster and simple to allow to have the sell open in a small time. As well as, with our costumer service we are at your disposition for every kind of problem that you will have.

Can I have another promote channels with the same capacity?

With our service you can have of 40 promote online channels, without needs to block.


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